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Rebecca’s BlogBites

This is new for me…a format where I can just be me and share my thoughts, concerns and personal dreams with all of my friends. I did the JOB thing out there everyday for many years; unhappy, unfulfilled and longing for a way to express  myself and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from working with your hands. Uneeklyhandmade was born and we’re just getting started and glad you’re here!

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Silverware Works

Silverware Bracelets

We are proud to offer these re-purposed silverware bracelets, we hope their class and beauty will inspire you too. Please note that the following photo section is intended to capture your appreciation of the design as well as the timeless art involved in the silver works of the past. The bracelets are antique vintage silver-plate or sterling silver, recycled flatware and we hope to encourage others to go green changing beautiful  antique items into something useful today.

                                          Old Colony issued in 1911 by Roger/International. $20.00

            This design is called Radiance issued in 1939 by Crown/ International. $20.00

                               This pattern is called Queen Bess II in 1946 by Oneida Silver. $20.00

This lovely bracelet from 1906 is Charter Oak by International Silver.                                             It has a magnetic clasp and a safety chain.  $30.00

                                         This bracelet by International Silver is called Cotillion from 1937.                                                    It is formed by a single butter knife.  $20.00

The Bracelet on the (right) is a double “eternally yours” $30.00 & on                                            the left is a lovely single “daisy” with strand of lite green pearls $20.00.

This Double bracelet and ring are a matched set and are sterling                                                   silver by Alvin Silver Co. called “Morning Glory” from 1909.  The set is                                          $160 but can be sold separately. Bracelet $110.00 and ring $50.00.